Naga Besukian, a dragon inhabiting Mount Agung

Island of the Gods, sometime in November, Mount Agung, I’m flying higher and higher, the darkness is approaching and all of the sudden I can see it, so far only in my mind. I’m looking at the picture and I can not help myself… through a dron view, imagination and photoshop, the story of the dragon Besukian from Balinese FANTASY myths became reality for me.

A legend based on old mythology was written here, for example:

Legend of the dragon

In every small village in Balli, the stories of a mighty dragon that once lived in the Agung volcano crater and watched a tremendous treasure are well-known. The dragon stored the treasure in his golden scales, which he had all around his body, and under his huge wings, he was hiding large diamonds. Local elders always like to talk about it. And that’s probably because the story of the dragon is still popular as it once was. At least for the children. Such legends filled with moral teaching and old stories about gods and supernatural powers are still alive on the island, and fortunately, the beautiful Indonesian island, full of everyday magical ceremonies, is still filled with them.

And thanks to this, according to the legend, there is the island of Bali with the majestic Agung, on which the Besukih dragon is still home today. See my photo where I captured it using a dron and Photoshop :-)

Galeri foto gunung

Photographed in Bali in autumn 2018
(Dan, Danil)